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Fluoride, The Truth Hurts

I used to believe that fluoride was good for our teeth.  I remember when I used to take my children to the dentist and they would always tell me that they had a stomach ache.  I thought it was all in their heads.  I learned too late about the dangers of fluoride, but then it was too late for my children who had to always suffer and their mother didn't believe them. 

One of the counties in my area were trying to get fluoride put into our water.  (We live in a desert. Why would anyone want to poison our water?)  They decided to put it on the ballot and let the people vote on it.  All the Doctors and Dentists had their pro-fluoride pamphlets out for all their patients who not only trust them, but think they are gods or something.  I attended the debate that they had in this county and not one pro-fluoride pusher was there to state their position.  The meeting went well and all the people there were educated a little more about the truth of fluoride.  I read our local newspaper's column on it a couple days later.  The article was nothing like the meeting I attended.  They put in their all their pro-fluoride propaganda and made it sound like the pro-fluoride people were there and represented themselves well.  I was shocked at how they slanted the whole thing!  Another eye-opener to me showing that you can't always believe that what the media puts out is the truth, but rather what they put out is what they want us to believe is the truth.

The following very informative letter about fluoride was written by my friend A True Ott and sent to our same local newspaper with NO reply and NO printing of it anywhere. (What a surprise! Not!)  You can order True's book, Secret Assassins In Food- The Ninja's of Taste for more information about fluoride, MSG, and Aspartame.


Dear Mr. Porter:


You, or one of your editorial board members wrote and proceeded to publish a column under the heading "The Fluoride 510 reach an all-time low" that contains historically incorrect assertions (i.e. 'The doctors and dentist have the facts on their side, and the truth is a defense').  Please allow me to set the record straight.  I do not wish to engage in a fluoride debate, and personally believe as you do that Clark, Cook and Ingram have the right to present their opinions without fear of reprisal.  In short, they have the right to be wrong, as well as the right to be correct in their opinions.  I only hope that the truth is not tarnished in the process, and that they have in fact done their own independent research and do not merely rubber stamp propaganda that has been generated under false pretenses.  I too am deeply saddened that the "Fluoride 510" made the mistake of seeking censure against well meaning professionals.


The problem with history is it can be slanted by whoever is in authority to write it.  I have thoroughly researched the history of water fluoridation, and the facts are presented in my book, "Secret Assassins, The Ninjas of Taste."  Where did the practice first begin and why?  For your consideration, please understand the following factual timelines:


1. The Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) began manufacturing aluminum products in massive amounts in the 1920's.  ALCOA's President and Founder, Andrew Mellon made millions, but the company had a real problem - how could they dispose of the tons of highly toxic sodium fluoride (NaFl) produced by their factories?  The insecticide and vermin poison industry made only a small dent in the mountains of NaFl produced, and they sorely needed another method of mass disposal.  


2.  In 1928 Mellon was appointed U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, and soon after formed a new federal bureaucracy entitled the USPHS (United States Public Health Service), and appointed himself the USPHS Director.    


3.  In the same year (1928), Mellon received a letter from a man named Frederick McKay, who reported that his (and his neighbor's) teeth became "mottled" after continued exposure to Mellon's mountains of sodium fluoride that leached into local wells, and asked him for more information on the phenomenon, specifically if it was safe, and if his health was endangered.  Mellon then commissioned his close personal friend, H. Trendly Dean to "study" the issue.  Dean reported to Mellon in 1931 that water containing 1ppm of sodium fluoride "produced a minimal amount of dental fluorisis and resulted in the reduction of tooth decay.”   The only problem was, Dean was not a medical authority, and his report had absolutely no scientific validity based on case study, nor even an ounce of anecdotal evidence.  Mellon's USPHS, on the basis of Dean's report only, began publicly advocating "water fluoridation to reduce tooth decay" in 1936, at the same time Hitler was consolidating his power base in Europe.


4.  Mellon died under a cloud in 1937, the subject of numerous congressional investigations.  His cronyism and policy decisions plunged America into the Great Depression. He was suspected of covertly financing Hitler's Third Reich. His appointed successor of ALCOA, Oscar Ewing, continued Mellon's directive of "fluoridating drinking water" in order to profit from the mountains of ALCOA waste material they were accumulating. 


5.  When word of what Ewing and ALCOA was attempting reached the ears of the American Dental Association and the American Medical Association, they immediately came out in strong vocal and written opposition to the "moronic notion" of a well-known rat poison such as sodium fluoride being considered as a health additive.  The editorial board of the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association published the following written denouncement based on pure science: ‘Fluorides are general protoplasmic poisons --------the sources of fluorine intoxication are drinking water containing 1 part per million or more of fluorine--------another source of fluorine intoxication is from the fluorides used in the smelting of many metals, such as steel and aluminum.”[i]  Notice that the AMA specifically states “fluoride intoxication” occurs in 1 ppm levels in water, the exact amount that is still today recommended by governmental health agencies to be added to water supplies. The American Dental Association in their Journal quickly echoed the AMA’s stand.  It declared: “We do know the use of drinking water containing as little as 1.2 to 3.0 parts per million of fluorine will cause such developmental disturbances in bones as osteosclerosis, spondylosis and osteopetrosis, as well as goiter, and we cannot afford to run the risk of producing such serious systemic disturbances in applying what is at present a doubtful procedure intended to prevent development or dental disfigurements among children.” –Journal of the American Dental Association. [ii]  


 6.  In 1944, Ewing left his $750,000 per year job as ALCOA's CEO and became the "Federal Security Administrator", directly in charge of the USPHS.  Ewing's first hire was the nephew of Sigmund Freud, a man named Edward Bernays.  Bernays had just completed authorship of a book entitled Propaganda! that outlined in specific detail how to successfully manipulate public opinion to achieve a desired result.  Under Bernays' tutelage, Oscar Ewing successfully manipulated popular opinion, and made the AMA and ADA opponents of fluoridation look like “crackpots and right wing loonies”. [iii]  


7.   Ewing’s fluoridation propaganda juggernaut began its frontal assault on America in 1945.  Grand Rapids Michigan became the first American community to add sodium fluoride to its culinary water.  Within two years, six more U.S. cities and 87 small towns decided to add sodium fluoride to their water tanks.  They had bought into Bernay’s mindless propaganda after reading full-page advertisements in publications such as the Journal of American Water Works Association proclaiming: “ALCOA sodium fluoride is particularly suitable for the fluoridation of water supplies…………If your community is fluoridating its water supply – or is considering doing so – let us show you how ALCOA sodium fluoride can do the job for you.”[iv]  Once a sizable number of municipalities began adding this toxin, the floodgates were opened. 


8.  In 1950, the American Dental Association accepted large multi-million dollar grants from ALCOA, and together with Ewing’s United States Public Health Service abruptly reversed its previous position on the fluoridation subject and issued a joint endorsement extolling the “safety and benefits” of water fluoridation.  This was done without any scientific data and studies to back up their declarations.  However, the ADA was suddenly flush with cash and a new political power that they had not previously enjoyed. 


9.    In 1951, Frank Bull, the Director of Dental Education for the Wisconsin State Board of Health gave a speech at the Washington DC Conference of State Dental Directors that reflected the half-truths of Ewing and Bernay concerning how to “sell professionals” on promoting ALCOA’s sodium fluoride.  He declared: “Now in regard to toxicity…..the term “adding sodium fluoride” We NEVER DO THAT! Sodium fluoride is rat poison. You add fluorides.  Never mind that sodium fluoride business…..if it is a fact that some individuals are against fluoridation, you have just got to knock their objections down. The question of toxicity is on the same order.  Lay off it altogether. Just pass it over. ‘We know there is absolutely no effect other than reducing tooth decay,’ you say and go on.” [v] 


10.  The Merck Index, Volume 13, 2001 tells biochemists that Sodium Fluoride (NaFL) is: “Cubic or tetragonal crystals (NaCl Lattice) – Poisonous!  -----   Sodium Fluoride sold as household insecticide must be tinted Nile Blue.  LD50 orally in rats: 0.18 g/kg Caution: Potential symptoms of overexposure by ingestion are salty or soapy taste; salivation, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea; dehydration, thirst; sweating; stiff spine; muscle weakness, tremors; CNS depression; shock; arrhythmia.  Potential symptoms of chronic ingestion are mottling of tooth enamel; osteosclerosis, calcification of ligaments of ribs and pelvis.  USE: As insecticide, particularly for roaches and ants; in other pesticide formulations, (rat poison), constituent of vitreous enamel and glass mixes; as a steel degassing agent; in electroplating; in fluxes; in the fluoridation of drinking water; for disinfecting fermentation apparatus in breweries and distilleries; preserving wood, pastes and mucilage; manuf. Of coated paper; frosting glass; in removal of HF from exhaust gases to reduce air pollution.  Dental caries prophylactic.”[vi] 


Mr. Porter, it should be crystal clear from the historical evidence that water fluoridation was, and is today, a case of "Big Business Burying the Truth".  ALCOA sodium fluoride is the beginning chemical of all fluorine-based acids produced for municipal water fluoridation, at a final mark-up of 20,000% or more.  Ingenious what ALCOA has accomplished over the last 50 years isn't it - they have taken a very sour and toxic "lemon", made professionals believe in their "harmless" lemonade, and sold it lock, stock and barrel to the American consumer and others ( via tooth "paste", dental fluoride treatments, water medication, prozac manufacturing, nerve gasses, etc. etc. etc.).  I would submit that just because an organization like the ADA is well entrenched financially does not necessarily mean that they are infallible, or that fluorides are not in fact "general protoplasmic poisons" (in other words, they accumulate in human tissues and organs over time).  I would hope that you and the Ogden Standard Examiner editors and publisher would take the time to objectively re-analyze the facts of this issue, without buying into the hyperbole and emotion-based rhetoric.   Professional journalistic ethics demands no less.  The people need the TRUTH! 


With warmest regards,


A. True Ott, PhD



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