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Have you ever wanted to be more Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise?

 Empower your brain!


Have you ever wanted to teach your children more, but just didn't have enough time?  What if their own toys could do some of the teaching for you?  Good quality Fun & Educational toys, crafts, and activities for kids of all ages are available at 4THEKIDSTOYSTORE

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How much quicker could you learn if you were a speed-reader?   

Teach yourself speed-reading with this inexpensive program.

What if you could read a book in one day instead of seven?  You could learn seven times faster! 

Want To Learn How To Master Your Memory?

Learn How To Boost Your Brain's Natural Memory Abilities! Guaranteed... Or Your Money Back!

Serious About Wanting To Learn Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) As A Professional Therapist Or Life Coach?

Here's How To Add EFT To Your Practice!

Have you seen "The Secret"?  If you have, then you know that your thoughts are key in creating your future

Tests have been done with MRI's showing that when a person is conscious 6 parts of his brain light up when receiving outside stimulation and only 5 parts light up when a person is unconscious.  This shows that our subconscious mind is more powerful at creating our life than our conscious mind! 

Our conscious mind can understand every single word in a sentence, but our subconscious mind learns in pictures.  When you hear something like "don't spill the milk" your subconscious gets a picture of milk spilling and that's what it tries to create for you.  Choose your words wisely, choose your music wisely, choose your movies wisely.  Your subconscious can't tell the difference between reality and fiction.  Create successful, happy pictures for your subconscious so you can create a successful, happy life.  How can we get our powerful subconscious in line with how we want our life to be?

Bradley's Subliminal Power tool lets you achieve all that you want to achieve in a fraction of the time and with absolutely NO effort whatsoever! It's a little tool that runs in the background on your PC, making carefully constructed 'suggestions' to your subconscious while you get on with your work. It's the mental equivalent of those abdominal exercisers that let you do 3,000 press ups while sitting in a chair!

With Bradley's technology you can raise your IQ to genius level, develop astonishing powers of concentration and recall, become a 'natural' salesperson or public speaker and even 'command' your body to lose weight. You can use subliminal messaging to be who YOU want to be with absolutely NO effort on your behalf!

Remember it takes 21 to 30 days to create a new habit.  When we create several new habits we can literally change our life style!


Ynot Eduk8 is at the forefront of the self-education and self-care revolution and our corporate web site is the premiere destination for educational, mental, and physical enrichment products and services. 

At Ynot, we are on a mission to produce a Retro Futuris of learning and imaginative products, high-tech and low-tech that will provoke a reformation in the learning process. There's genius in every child, but it hardly ever re-grows once it's stomped out by our current form of educating with the current "rote" style of teaching in the school system. Schools turn out incomplete people, people that have to be connected to some other source of meaning because they can't generate meaning from the inside. They are taught lots of "how to", but little to no "why to". Schooling as it exists isn't nearly the most efficient way if you want mental development, and it's a catastrophe if you want moral development.

Please get involved in the Ynot Revolution! Humanity needs your help.


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