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Why You'll Want to Avoid Bayer Products

This disturbing video titled “I Think Bayer Corporation is a Very Bad Company” reveals many of the underhanded dealings going on at Bayer Corporation.

It may surprise you that Bayer has genetically polluted the crops of Australian farmers. You may be shocked to find that Bayer generates 2.4 million pounds of hazardous waste annually.

But you will be in furious disbelief when you hear the rest of the deadly secrets, detailed in this video, that Bayer has been keeping quiet.  Click here to watch.


Dr. Mercola's Comments:

Bayer Corporation is widely known for their painkillers, aspirin and Aleve, but they also manufacture over 80 other brands of drugs, along with chemicals and pesticides.

I’ve revealed some of the many skeletons in their closet in the past -- including their numerous drug-related lawsuits and intentional selling of AIDS-infected drugs in Europe and Asia.

This is a company that has killed children by giving them HIV-infected drugs, put their workers’ lives in danger by exposing them to toxic chemicals that cause organ damage, and continues to produce unsafe products.

Even a quick search of the ingredients in their Flintstone’s vitamins for children show that they contain some of the following substances (depending on variety):

* Artificial flavors and three different types of food dye
* Glucose syrup
* Gelatin and modified starch (which both typically contain MSG)
* The neurotoxin aspartame
* Hydrogenated oils

I suspect that if you watched the video, you’ll want to avoid all of Bayer’s products from now on.

But the deeper take-home message here is that these moral assaults, and health-harming practices are not unique to Bayer; they plague almost every pharmaceutical company.

There is simply no mistaking this fact: drug companies are interested in making profits, and their interests often transcend even the most basic ethical and human safety guidelines.

It’s time to get the word out that taking drugs is not the answer to your health problems -- leading a healthy lifestyle is.

If this Bayer video was at all eye-opening for you, please "Repost this Bulletin" for your friends and loved ones, and urge them to protect their health with proper food choices, exercise, and sleep, instead of prescription drugs. To uncover more deception about Bayer, read Cracking the Cancer Code