About me:







I had pretty good health most of my life (except for migraines) until I got into a car accident in 1990. I hurt my head, neck, back, and shoulder. I struggled with that pain for years. I eventually got Fibromyalgia with it's migrating pains and fatigue. My energy levels went down continually until in 2000 my adrenal glands shut down completely and I was sleeping 20 hours a day. My immune system quit working properly and it was attacking my body instead of viruses. Not only did I catch everything that came along, but I was losing muscle so I became week and very skinny. I had 2 surgeries in 1999 and another surgery in 2000. In 2003 I got in another car accident and on top of all that I became allergic to everything! Life was looking pretty grim.

And that was just the tip of the iceberg...
I got married to a prince charming. He was so kind, loving, generous, fun, etc... the perfect man. So I thought. After a few months of marriage I experienced things that were so bizarre I thought I must be losing my mind. Prince charming had a Mr. Hyde. In fact he had a few Mr. Hydes.
He would go into rages that lasted for hours. No matter what I tried I couldn't stop the rages. I learned that the only way I could deal with them was to leave the house. After a while I decided I couldn't keep getting hotel rooms because it was adding up. So I ended up sleeping many nights in my truck at the park-n-ride. (Actually sleeping wouldn't be a very accurate description of what it ended up being.)
When he got home from work he would often cross examine me about what I had done during the day. No matter what I did it was the wrong thing. He would chastise me for not doing something, so the next day I would do that something that seemed to be so important to him the day before, but he would come home and be mad at me for not doing something else, he didn't even seem to notice that I had done what he wanted the day before. He seemed to be an expert at pointing out my shortcomings.
He also couldn't stop spending money. When he saw an infomercial on TV he became hypnotized and had to buy whatever was being sold (usually turned out to be junk). In just 4 1/2 years of marriage his spending got us into over $60k debt. Even after he got fired he would still go online and bid on vacations. He won a few bids, but we didn't have enough money to go on the trips so we just lost the money that he bid (plus taxes and fees of course). We have since divorced and he filed bankruptcy stiffing me with the debt and bad credit.

My world came crashing down. Bad health, bad debt, bad attitude.
There was no way to go but up. My granddaughter was born and brought the light back into my life. I started reading, studying, and learning everything I could about psychology and about self improvement. I learned about obsessive compulsive disorder, obsessive compulsive personality disorder, spending addiction, borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, and a few others. I gained empathy for Prince Charming/Mr Hyde, but I also learned that I could not save him, nor could I live with him. 
 I was on my own.. again.

I have since picked up the pieces and moved forward with my life.
I have used my alone time to do more research into health, wellness and self empowerment.
I went back to work, but I still couldn't make it through a day without a couple naps. I still had to go to the chiropractor two to four times a month. I still suffered on and off with depression, but it was getting better.
Then someone introduced me to "The Secret". I though how cool it was that someone took all things I had been learning about and they put them into a movie!
I have found an amazing product trio that has been on the level of "The Secret". Since I have been using the Layers of Light products I have only had to go to the chiropractor 4 times in 10 months. I rarely have to take naps during the day. And not only has my depression lifted, but I feel more at peace than I ever have felt my whole life!
I have also studied some of Bob Proctor's materials. Bob says that nothing stands still. You are either moving forward or you are moving backward. I do my best to move forward, but I have slipped a few times. Even though I have slipped a few times I bounce back quickly and continue moving forward.

I forgive and release my past and welcome the now and the future with gratitude.