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Secret Assasins in Food - The Ninjas of Taste

By A. True Ott, PhD

I know a lot of people say "Everything is bad for you now days, so why bother learning about and avoiding these poisons?"  Well, if you don't care about your own physical and mental health, that's one thing.  But, what about the well being of our younger generation?

Dr. Ott shows the layman how specific toxins common in our food supply affects the developing brain.  When our children consume certain toxin substances in our foods, IQ's are reduced and test scores plummet.  It’s so much more profitable keeping the people sick than it is to change the entire system to being well.  Dr. Ott shows who is wrongfully seeking financial gains from the increased use of these brain toxins, and who show little or no concern for the long-term damage their products are causing in American consumers.  Evidence shows that the American public has indeed be

en covertly medicated with drugs hidden as “harmless” food additives. These hidden drugs, or “secret assassins” have been clinically proven to greatly reduce human being’s cognitive reasoning skills, while causing unnatural weight gains!

FDA committees have a majority of members with large vested interests in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Moreover, approximately 60% of all medical “education” is funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

According to statistics compiled by the National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases, as of December 2001 – 58 Million Americans are classified as being overweight (10-30% over target weight for height), 40 Million are classified as “obese” (30-75% over target ideal weight), and 3 Million more are classified as “morbidly obese” (75% or more over ideal target weight) there are at least two other “disorders” growing in America’s children at the same percentage rates as obesity; if you put your detective cap on, you may find a few clues that could help you find a suspect or two that may help to expose “the Plot”. Specifically, the other two disorders are ADHD and Autism.

So, are the percentage increase similarities in obesity, ADHD, and autism just coincidental, or is there a central causative factor in all
  Dr. Ott uncovered a number of studies that clearly outlined the links between childhood obesity, ADHD, and Autism.  This excito-toxic substance that is supposedly designed to make our food taste better, has also been placed in vaccines for infuenza, chickenpox, and MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella).  Pharmaceutical laboratories absolutely love this chemical, because it produces consistent, 100% reproducible results every time they use it. This additive,  when injected under the skin of newborn mice and rats causes the rodents to grow obese well beyond their normal natural ranges. When it is injected directly into an experimental animal’s brain, it quickly and efficiently kills the animal!! If this commonly used, chemical food additive does not fit the definition of a poison, then I do not know what does!

Not only is this common food additive apparently a causative factor in gross obesity, autism and ADHD in our children, but is also linked to asthma, schizophrenia, gastro-intestinal disorders, lethargy, chest pains, migraine headaches, clinical depression, nausea, dizziness, uncontrollable rage reactions, and paranoia in the adult populations. Yet according the FDA, this chemical food additive can be added to any food in uncontrolled amounts.

In Dr. True Ott's book you will learn what these toxic substances are, how they are made, how they interact with the human body, test results of numerous studies, why the FDA would approve these "additives" to be used in the US (although banned in many other countries), and what our alternatives are. 

It is an educational book that everyone who eats, drinks, or brushes their teeth should read!

Lynda Pipkin

Every 2-3 days we have a new lining in the mouth.
Every 5 Days our Intestinal Lining is Renewed
Every 11 Days our Respiratory Lining is Renewed
Every 15 Days all our White Blood Corpuscles are Replaced
Every 120 Days all our Red Blood Corpuscles are Replaced
Every 6 Months we have a Whole New Blood Stream
Every 11 Months we have a Whole New Cell Structure
Every 2 Years we have a Whole New Bone Structure
Every 7 Years we have a Brand New Body

     So if this is true and we are constantly renewing ourselves, then why do we die?  We know that all cells die off and new ones are replaced every second of our life. But they are always copies of the original cell. If you take a document and got a copying machine and copy it, then make a copy from that copy and so on for 10 different sequences; notice how the 10th generation (copy) looks dismal at best.
     Well this is what happens to the cells in our body. They become less pronounced as time goes on. But we can slow down their deterioration and keep them shining as long as possible when you adhere to the facts and principles in “Secret Assassins in Food”.

Just from implementing the truths found in this book you may enjoy:

*IMPROVED Digestion; Your Clothes fit Better; Sweeter smelling Breath!
*Boost your Immunity & Feel GREAT once again increasing your VITALITY!
*LESS Body Fat; MORE Energy; Skin Problems DISAPPEARING…
*Sharpened Attitude; Improved Circulation & Better Muscle Tone!
*Cope with stress with ease and a host of other benefits.
*Medical Bills being DRASTICALLY REDUCED!
*Take pleasure in a good night's sleep.
*LESS Nervous Tension!