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Forced Vaccination: State’s Attorney Doesn’t Vaccinate His Own Kids, Just Ours!

November 26, 2007

Compulsory Vaccination.

For a while, many of us were able to convince ourselves that compulsory vaccination (for Bird Flu, as an example) was a long way off in the future. Mandatory vaccination of kids, in direct violation of the law, arrived last week, complete with police and their dogs, courtesy of Maryland State’s Attorney Glen Ivey, JD. It is worth noting that Mr. Ivey refuses to vaccinate his own children with the same vaccines he compelled thousands of children to be shot with on November 17, 2007. Despite his own understanding of their dangers, he forced other people’s kids to be vaccinated literally at the point of a gun. Read more ()

Ominously, the presiding judge, observing the distress of the children said, “It’s cute. It’s like their parents dragging them to church.” Was it cute? Their parents were threatened with jail time and continuing fines if they did not allow this dangerous assault on their children’s bodies. Many of the kids vaccinated in this roundup were already fully vaccinated but the Prince George’s County School System admitted they had lost their records! Despite the increased hazard to these kids (more mercury, multiple dangerous and unnecessary vaccinations), they were included in the roundup and vaccinated again anyway. The kicker: according to Mike Adams’ NewsTarget, there is, in fact, no Maryland law requiring vaccination and there is an exemption which parents were not adequately informed about before their children were exposed to known hazards through forced inoculation.

Quick Blood Money

There is an ugly financial underbelly to this story. Prince George’s Country School District is poor and mostly black. Who were the advisers who helped it decided that kids could not come to school unless they were vaccinated? Did they have “guidance” from the drug industry that makes a great deal of money from mass vaccinations but loses money if the vaccination rates are low? The decision to force vaccination meant that the school district would stop losing the $63.00 per day per child which their decision to exclude unvaccinated children resulted in. Do the math: 2300 kids per day equals $144,900 per day in lost State and Federal revenue for one of the largest predominantly black school districts in America.

Have You Heard About Herd Immunity?

Some people ask about the so-called “herd immunity” effect. What that means is that as long as 80% of the population is inoculated, there cannot be an outbreak of the disease because there are not enough susceptible people to sustain the epidemic. That makes no sense. If inoculation works, then it protects the inoculated people, no matter how many or few they are. If inoculation does not work, then the inoculation status of the entire population is irrelevant. What matters is the immune status and we now know that inoculations actually stress the immune system on a long-term basis - in fact, for the life of the person who has been vaccinated!

Forced Vaccination On the Way

So Prince George’s County Courthouse may the beginning of police-enforced compulsory vaccinations. Our man on the scene, Charlie Frohman, was there to record the events, interview the participants (including Mr. Ivey who confirmed that he does not vaccinate his kids).

We’re there to Express Your Concerns — The Tiburon Declaration on Compulsory Vaccination.

A couple days after the mass compulsory vaccination at the Courthouse a group of health and freedom advocates met in Tiburon California to coordinate our response to this atrocity. We expressed our outrage by issuing a strong statement demanding that our children be protected by Congress and the state legislatures. That statement is being followed by collaborative efforts, such as the campaign being led by your Natural Solutions Foundation. You can read the Declaration at: Tiburon Declaration


1. Please have your group or organization sign the Declaration; just email dr.laibow@gmail.com with TIBURON in the Subject Line and tell us your name & email, the organization name, email and address. Please include the email addresses as it is the growing size of our elist that gets your concerns heard in the halls of Congress and the state legislatures!

2. To let your State and Federal legislators know how important this issue is to you, please click here http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/t/1128/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=21835